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Dr. Ana Lups, MD received her medical training in South Africa before returning to her native Holland to study cardiology. She emigrated to the United States in the mid 1960's, eventually opening a practice in upstate New York. At the end of the 70's she began to extend her medical work through the study and application of anthroposophy. Her current office at Pleroma Farm in Hudson NY answers the need for an anthroposophical approach to medicine in the Hudson Valley.


Jeanne Simon MacDonald is a eurythmist, therapist and freelance performer based in Copake NY. Jeanne has trained as a therapeutic eurythmist with Trude Thetter in Austria and Linda Nunhofer in England and practiced as a therapeutic eurythmist in Scotland and in the United States. Jeanne also has been active in curative education and social therapy and is presently a faculty member of the Dorian School of Music Therapy and performing with Grasshopper Productions. Jeanne has been a therapist at Pleroma Farm since May 2002.



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