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The Medical Practice

The Medical Practice

Why anthroposophical medicine?

Illness typically interfere with the course of our life. Our plans for the day can be radically changed when we get sick. A future that we dreamt of can be shattered when we develop an illness that seriously affects us, like cancer or a heart attack. However unpleasant or shocking these things might be for us and our friends or relatives, illness has the potential to bring elements of enormous value in our biography. Once stopped dead in our tracks by the affliction, we are forced to consider what to do with our future that looks so different than what we thought it would look like. We can come to ask ourselves what place we take in the life of other people, what place our friends and relatives take in our biography.

Questions that bring us closer and closer to an experience of our self, of that which we address as "I". One can have the experience that we have clothed ourselves, our "I", with our personality. The personality that has been created through our upbringing, through the bodily structure and the soul qualities we have inherited from our parents and through our social circumstances such as education, work and standard of living.

Just such an experience can help us to understand the work of the healing arts as extended by Anthroposophy, for it is the I, our true self that is being addressed in this discipline. We are invited and guided to face what lives in our personality and body, to heal what ails these parts of our being. The anthroposophical medical doctor gives us advice and treatments that are grounded in this approach of self-healing.

The treatments

Ana Lups, M.D., trained as an internist and cardiologist, is widely known for her diagnostic skills. Her diagnosis aims towards developing a comprehensive understanding of the patient, inspired through concepts of the human organization as can be found in Anthroposophy. The office of Ana Lups, M.D., in combination with Pleroma Farm, has a wide array of therapies available with Dr Lups prescribing what is most helpful to each patient. Therapies include homeopathic remedies, derived from minerals, metals, plants and insects, therapeutic eurythmy (a movement therapy), therapeutic baths, visual arts therapy, massage, Chirophonetics (a combination of massage and speech therapy), light therapy, and finally counseling.



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