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Pleroma Farm is a self-sustaining, diversified bio-dynamic farm of eighty acres, hidden in a valley just south of Hudson NY. We have established diversification by removing the existing orchard, introducing cows, pigs and free range chickens for the last ten years and cultivating forty acres of lush grass meadows. In recent years we have started an extensive vegetable and ornamental garden for the comfort and joy of the people working and staying on this therapeutic farm.  It has been our pleasure and pride to share this beautiful paradise with many visitors. Our herd of Dutch Belted cows will remain small, although we continue with a two hundred head poultry population.

The experience of daily and yearly rhythms, pronounced as they appear through the ever recurring farm chores and through the way the seasons affect each detail of life on the farm, creates the healing environment in which we can re-awaken our relationship to Nature and once again discover ourselves. Living and working together with other people on the farm and experiencing treatments given by a diverse group of people, provides the social setting that invites to reflect on oneself, on ones biography and calls on us to become aware of our own contribution in the society of mankind.

Be it the medical work, the farm work or the support in your process of Self recognition and expression of the Self, all is inspired by the work of the Austrian philosopher and visionary Rudolf Steiner. His work helps us to recognize that the human being is not simply an animal, but supercedes this stage of development because we humans have individualities with unique destinies, unique interests and ideas, unique feelings and the ability to make choices. Therefore we base our work on the destiny and soul qualities of the individual who is involved.

People come to Pleroma Farm to find treatment for a chronic or catastrophic disease, to find help in learning to live with a mental affliction or to find inspiration to grow into an spiritually and physically independent person with the ability to live and act true to ones ideals.

Treatments that might be prescribed and performed on Pleroma Farm are cancer treatments with Iscador, (biographical) counseling, several forms of art therapy, farm work and individual sessions geared towards improving your ability to put your true self into the world.



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